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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  April 28, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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ortho weed b gon max. >> jeff: lebron james and miami heat, a dominant performance started with defense. forced 27 turnovers so far for 38 points then james has been terrific offensively. a 14 from the floor. loving the 14 from the free-throw line. he's rolling off to the heat. you could not ask for a better two-way performance from your team than eric spoelstra got here this afternoon. >> mike: these two good friends
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from when they went to high school summer camps, played on the olympics together. came from the same draft together. lebron james easily takes game one. harrellson spots up on the corner. that won't go and rebound. knicks and heat, in the classic playoff game matchup, this is certainly not one of them. this is as one-sided as any of them and for the knicks, the last two times they were in the playoffs, last year against boston. 2004 against new jersey, they got swept. harrellson gets it inside. novak, to bibby. >> jeff: one thing i would say, mike. while it looked awful for new york tonight. every playoff game, has a distinct personality. and just because you played so poorly, on one given night,
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doesn't mean you can't bounce back and still take it back to new york. one game appease. shumpert being out, that's going to be hard to overcome. >> mike: i've always said, as jones lines up the three -- up by 35. the overreaction during the playoffs by fan, media, sometime s players, to a one-playoff win to a one-playoff loss. it's incredible. so much more than the regular season. >> jeff: one thing you have to guard against is always the subconscious. >> mike: jerome gordon throws it down, a rookie from tulsa. >> jeff: if you're miami, you're subconscious that the next game is going to be it this game picking up where you left off. not necessarily so, because new york has the advantage of having all of the preparation time now, all of the things they got to do better.
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and mike woodson will afford that. >> mike: it they'll throw it out. miami heat pulls out a sparkling defensive performance. as dominant as you can be in game one. as they hammer the knicks, led by lebron james. another brilliant performance. final score, the heat 100, and the knicks, 67. james with 32. the knicks turned it over 27 times. for jeff van gundy, lisa salters and our entire abc crew, mike breen saying so long from miami. now except for the west coast. stay tuned for abc's "world news" or your local news over most of these abc stations. thanks for watching abc. home of the nba finals. until natural disasters no longer strike.
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good evening. it's great to have you with us tonight. we begin this saturday evening with a tense and dangerous stand
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justify. swarms swarms of s.w.a.t teams on the ground and in the air for a husband accused of killing his wife and daughter. authorities say the man was preparing for the end of the world deep inside his hand-built mountain bunker near seattle. take a look at the pictures coming in. the entrance hidden under leaves and dirt. the hideout took eight years to build. packed with weapons and ammunition. on the side of the mountain. the siege comes to an end as he took the lives of his wife and daughter and then himself. neal karlinsky near rattlesnake, washington. >> reporter: it's all taking place about a mile from the police check point where they found the suspect hidden inside what they are calling a very sophisticated and well-fortified bunker. the terrain was so rugged police helicopters made 40 trips to drop s.w.a.t teams in by road. from every side they approached
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and fired tear gas into the homemade bunker looking for 41-year-old peter keller, believed to be heavily armed and hunkered down with a gas mask, booby trap and supplies deep inside. by this morning they decided to blow the roof to the bunker's entrance. that's when they found his body on the ground. >> they have seen within a dead body, again with a great deal of blood around it. >> reporter: keller was wanted for the death of his wife lynnette and 18-year-old daughter. they were shot a week ago when the house was set on fire. keller a longtime survivalist recently told a co-worker that he with drew $6200 from the bank and might not come back. >> we utterly blown away this happened. excellent employee. >> reporter: police say keller had been working on this bunker for eight year, it was built into the hillside and went 20 feet back.
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even included cement supports and two levels with multiple hatches for coming and going. >> amazingly fort fied. it's unbelievable pictures don't do it justice. >> reporter: finding the bunker wasn't easy. they found the pickup truck and triangulated it from photos found on the hard drive and trackers by footprints in the woods. tonight, friends of his wife and daughter told police they're relieved he's not a threat to anyone else. it's still an active crime scene and no one will get near it any time soon. people police are concerned about possible booby traps and explosives inside. we're turning to the freeze warning around the nation tonight. this is extreme and could affect the prices we pay at the supermarket. it's sent temperature plunging on this last week of april.
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lows drive into the 20s, maybe lower, and tonight they rushing to protect their crops to head off the damage. >> reporter: the firsts, the fans, and the sheets no it's not a camping trip. it's a frost and worst deep freeze on the way. many farmers are in for a sleepless night. >> we're watching the weather very, very closely and prepared to take the next steps if we have to. >> reporter: from the lifeless asparagus to the fate this orchard wants to avoid this spring has been full of frosty father. >> with awful the leaves, blossoms and buds on the tree, it won't take much to samp that stuff off. >> in the low-lighting areas we're lighting fires to try to keep the low-lying areas a little warmer.
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>> reporter: the last freeze of the season for this region doesn't usually come until early may. but a record heat in march confused crops causing some to develop three to six weeks ahead of schedule. >> we were up every half hour looking at the temperatures. >> reporter: jason at demarest farm in new jersey is keeping an eye on his fruits and veggies. >> it will start with tveggie prices first. they're more susceptible. >> ginger zee is here, you said it's not entirely bad for some of the crops? >> yes, go closer the coast. new jersey, he was telling us, because of the warmth and ample sunshine this spring, overall he's hoping for record numbers in his crops for apples and peaches. >> nonetheless as we look at the map. this has been a season of extremes and cannot make it easy for formers trying to make a living. >> tonight is one from the last
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nights we have to worry. we'll see a warming trend after that. >> thanks, ginger. we turn to the medical head line breaking today that will cause concern and confusion for many american men. a sweeping study raising questions about the best way to treat prostate scanser, nearly $242,000 men, nearly 7 every day. face prostate cancer alone. tonight, abc's tanya rivera reports this new research is casting doubting on whether surgery is really the best option. >> reporter: when warren buffer fet reve buffett revealed prostate cancer he told investors he will be fine. now a new study, saying a course of nontreatment might be best for patients like buffett with early stage prostate cancer. >> for an 80-year-old man, likely they will die from
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something other than prostate cancer. >> reporter: stunning research said surgery for early stage patients is rarely necessary. >> the study could be a game-changer for prostate cancer. >> reporter: the study tracked men over 12 years and found no significant difference between the survival rates to those who had surgery to remove the prostate gland and those who did nothing. one reason, most prostate cancers grow lowly. in the u.s., 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime. only 1 in 36 will die of it. after an early stage diagnosis, dr. louis potters recommends what he calls active surveillance. >> we would take the psa every three months and patients are reby optioncied every year or two months. >> reporter: study found that patients with high psa levels do see a small benefit from the surgery but in the u.s., most men are diagnosed in the low
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risk, early stage such as warren buffett. while he is older than the recommended age for surgery, opted for radiation therapy. >> tanya is with us now. this causes a lot of concern with a lot of people who think they made the right choice already. the best advice is to ask your doctor. in the meantime the surgery if that's what you choose, can bring with it side effects? >> oh, yes, there's serious side effects from your love life to incontinence. less than 10% of men result in incontinence, 50% results in impoten impotence. there's serious side effects you should consider. >> a lot of study moving forward. you said there's conversation about some doctors, in the earliest stages, being considered cancerous. >> yes, i spoke with some who said there's hallway chatter about whether it should be called cancer, if they hear that word, they have a visceral reaction and immediately want treatment. that may not be the best course of action.
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bottom line. men must discuss carefully and now they may have more time to do so. >> when caught early. this is a treatable condition. we're hearing more details about the raid that killed osama bin laden. leon panetta who was the cia director, is giving the details of the heart-stopping moments when the navy s.e.a.l.s went in to take out their target. >> having those helicopters go 150 miles into pakistan, and the concern about whether or not they would be detected, and then actually going in to the compound, when one of the helicopters went down because of the heat, coming off the ground, it was just hotter than anybody had anticipated. and, obviously, that was pretty nerve-racking. >> nerve-racking.
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we all remember the tense moments from inside the white house. and this, the smiles of the white house correspondence dinner, the president knowing the raid had happened. there was even a joke about bin laden from comedian seth meyers. >> "people" know that bin laden is hiding but every day from 4:00 to 5:00 he hosts a show on c-span? and another moment tonight, jake tapper honored for third year in a row for intrepid and tough questioning. and we'll have the jokes tomorrow night. and george and the powerhouse political "roundtable." first thing tomorrow right here on abc's "this week." when we come back the breaking story of the u.s. and china, newest case of mystery and intrigue tonight. i remember the day my doctor told me i have an irregular heartbeat, and that it put me at 5-times greater risk of a stroke. i was worried.
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may experience more side effects. people at risk for stomach ulcers who take certain other medicines should talk to their doctor because serious stomach problems such as bleeding may worsen. people with certain heart conditions may experience slow heart rate. [ woman ] whenever i needed her, she was there for me. now i'm here for her. [ female announcer ] ask the doctor about your loved one trying the exelon patch. visit to learn more. now to the case of international intrigue involving the u.s. and china, and this latest case comes five days before secretary of state hillary clinton is said to arrive for top level talks. the big question, what happened to a famous blind chinese activist a fugitive who managed to escape from house arrest and is the u.s. now protecting him. here's david kerley. >> reporter: it's like a plot from a international thriller. a blind activist.
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when christian bale tried to visit? >> why can i not visit? >> reporter: he was pushed back by security. but he opposed to forced abortions and sterilizations was able to scale a while and escape. a supporter chased him to beijing where a car chase ensued. and he ended in the u.s. embassy. what does the u.s. say? >> can you say that cheng is at the embassy or in the custody of the united states? >> i don't have anything for you on that subject. >> reporter: if true this the first time since tienanmen square that the u.s. protected a activist. chen even taunted on video. secretary of state clinton and secretary geithner are said to return to beijing for talks. >> this does have the potential
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to be a major international incident. >> it could become that if it's mishandled. >> reporter: so far the chinese issued this issue should not disrupt talks. since the u.s. long criticized the chinese human rights record the secretary of state will be walking a beijing tight rope next week. david. >> it will be something to watch. david kerley, thank you. i'll be back with more news right after this. i used to love hearing that phrase... but not since i learned i have... postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture. i want to keep acting but a broken bone could change that. so my doctor and i chose prolia® to reduce my risk of fractures. prolia® is proven to help make bones stronger. proven to help increase bone density. i take prolia®. it's different. it's two shots a year. [announcer:] if you take prolia® (denosumab) you should not take xgeva®. prolia® can cause serious side effects,
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well, this was intriguing today. new research may have found a chemical to determine how generous and caring we truly are. they made a discovery by setting all of the people invited to those family weddings. ♪ i'm wondering what dress to wear now ♪ i say a little prayer for you ♪ >> the scene from the rehearsal dinner at "my best friend's wedding." they looked at people and tested them who were invited. tested them for the hormone oxyto oxytocin. the more trusting and the better the truck. we turn to dr. patrick dempsey, apparently he saved a life for real when a teenager crashed his car near his home.
6:25 pm
these are pictures from "grey's anatomy." he rushed to the scene and got the boy out. we're told he's recovering from the hospital with another more than a concussion. as we mentioned the wedding season. couples are choosing what songs they'll play. they found 66,000 play lists that they created. they found this song here is the top choice ♪ party rock is in the house tonight ♪ ♪ everybody have a good time >> of course that's lmfao party rock theme probably makes even aunt milliget up and dance. we'll be back with more news after this. c'mon dad!
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i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy. instead i got heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilosec isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw! and finally tonight the rules of attractions. they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. it turns out what makes us love the world's most beautiful faces. here's nick watt with the recipe. >> reporter: beyonce has been crowned the most beautiful woman on our planet by "people" magazine. how do they know? isn't beauty intangible, unquantifiable? think again. halle berry appeared on "people's" list 15 times. julia roberts 13 times. j-lo, 11. and there's a scientific explanation.
6:27 pm
>> we're hard wired to pick up on certain attractive features. many claim beauty is a mouth 1.618 times wider than the nose. the golden ratio. a recent study produced a remarkable exact formula. between the eyes must be 46% of the width of a face. eyes to mouth must be 36% of forehead to chin. >> reporter: i've been measuring the faces of beautiful women, trying to disprove these theories. i was hoping michelle pfeiffer's eyes were too far apart. they're not. they're perfect. all these women come within 1-2% of ideals. angelina jolie, bridget bardot, megan fox, naomi campbell and, of course, beyonce. but why do we find such symmetry irresistible? >> symmetry is associated with health and vigor. >> reporter: and that's attractive in a potential mate. lauren just won a model search on mtv. >> it's amazing you look at
6:28 pm
scientific measurements and decide whether you're beautiful or not. >> reporter: in that same model search the equally symmetrical jill moore won the over 40 category. >> it comes down to being healthy. fertile, viral and athletic. >> reporter: people don't sit around measuring faces, when drawing up the list. they don't have to. because humans are pre programmed to find beyonce babe list just. >> thanks, we'll have "good morning america" it first thing tomorrow night. see you then.
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